miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

International Year of Biodiversity 2010

UNESCO has declared International Year of Biodiversity 2010, in an attempt to decrease the rapid erosion of land, deforestation and damaged ecosystem in the world due to no sustainable economic practices. According to the UNESCO web site: "The UN-declared International Year of Biodiversity marks the 2010 Biodiversity Target aiming to significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by this date."

Biodiversity is Life - Biodiversity is our Life

Biodiversity is more than beautiful animals and plants, it is the core of life as we know it and very important to the well being of the Planet Earth and the human being. The United Nations is trying to redefine the current approach to biodiversity conservation, making it clear to all people in the world that biodiversity is truly the center of life in the world as we know it.

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