viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Welcome to Costa Rica Online Map: Everything in one place

Costa Rica Online Map is a 100% costa rican project, which main purpose is to promote an alternative marketing tool, other than the normal means of exposition in the Internet. Costa Rica Online Map (CROM) is not a simple web page or company directory like many others that exist in the market. CROM is a marketing tool which main purpose is to give companies a position and image in the Internet as users of Google Map, Google Movil y Google Earth, from everyone that uses these services. These imply the usage of applications such as Google Geo Spatial, and not a private service limited to internal search that cannot be indexed in the Internet.

In other words, the main difference is that the users do not have to register to any site to be able to check a company website. Through CROM, the companies are located directly in the Google Map, Google Earth and Google Mobil platforms, which have millions of visits every month. CROM gives another way to have a company shown, other than the traditional web search engines, which are saturated with competition and advertising.

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