viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

What is the difference between CROM and the other web directories?

The main difference is that Costa Rica Online Map was developed taking into consideration, not only the creation of a directory that uses Google and Yahoo as a base for their graphic representation. It goes further to consider the SEA and SEM traditional strategies and the inclusion of its content in an open and alternative media of world accesses such as Google Earth and Google maps.

The second difference is that, even though Costa Rica Online Map is still a Beta project, where the final user has the right to give a review, to express and opinion and control some of the editorial content and rating of the companies and other services, also we have thought of a way for the companies to reply to these reviews in any way they would like to, allowing companies to defend themselves in case of a bad review.

The third big difference between Costa Rica Online Map and the rest is that the information is of free and unlimited access to all search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, and it is open to simple searches in their respective search engines.

The fourth but not least important difference between Costa Rica Online Map and the rest is that it has the cartographic backup of professionals highly trained in GPS Satellite technology, the only private company accredited by the Costa Rica National Geographic Institute, as a mean for the verification of the geo-referenced points obtained by the GPS and the development of the lacking cartography of the actual maps of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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